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our poc collaborators

Here at Lovelea we aim to provide a platform for POC artists to showcase their work on a new level. We are honored to collaborate with brilliant creatives who are not contained by the boxes that society or stereotypes might place them in.



Our "loveyah" collection showcases the journey of a young Asian woman in a few different areas of her city life.


claire shin

With "Reverb," we let the oozing color schemes speak for themselves.


may xiao

With "on the daily!," we wanted to create a collection that everyone could relate to. From city buildings to cellphone DM's, the pastel colors breathe youth into the designs.

Nicole seah poetry

Nicole Seah

With "poetry," we wanted wise words that everyone could relate to. From one's culture to growth to personal space, these are moments worth wearing and worth carrying - on our first tote bag collection!



Taking us back to “retro seoul,” Sammie’s unique artistic, hand-drawn, colored-pencil esque style is on display as she features items like hibiscus and soju.

julia schorr

An experienced graphic designer, Julia had already had her designs of rappers in mosaic form. Immediately when I stumbled upon the rapper art, I fell in love and a collection was born.



After Adel’s summer trip to Japan, she took to her drawing pad, newly inspired, and created the beautiful “when in japan” collection. Check out her incredible work on her Instagram @art_awu.


Hanwen Yang & Qingyuan peng | Penn Taiwanese Society

In collaboration with the Penn Taiwanese Society, we wanted to highlight the beauty and youthful culture of Taiwan from the heartbeat of the skyline to the boba we all know and love.